Turkey National Ozone Unit
Turkey National Ozone Unit

Hydroflourocarbons Phase-Out Management Plan (HPMP) Project

The Hydrofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phase-Out Management Plan is the basic national strategy document in which comprehensive national strategies and action plans are developed for the import-export and use of the HCFC group gases, which are among the Ozone Depleting Substances. Within the scope of the Management Plan, institutional structure and capacities are evaluated by the current use of HCFCs in the relevant sectors (foam, cooler manufacturing, service, etc.), alternative gas and technologies, national and international legislation. Activities to be carried out by all relevant public, private, vocational and educational institutions after the specified termination schedule are also defined as including the timing, duties and responsibilities and budgets.

With this project, 

- Termination of substances that deplete the ozone layer in our country

- Raising awareness of Customs Directorates on substances that deplete the Ozone Layer

- Raising the awareness of end users using ozone layer in our country

- Pilot Projects

are aimed.

The budget for the project is provided by the Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund (MLF).

HPMP Completed Activities:

The Umbrella Project for PU and XPS Foam 

In order to terminate the HCFCs used as blowing agent in the polyurethane (PU) and XPS foam industry, it is necessary to complete the transformation of the technical equipment in the sector companies using these substances into technologies that do not use HCFC in accordance with the national legislation and Protocol. From this point on, within the scope of the project, partial support was provided to the HCFC termination transformation investments of 9 companies in the rigid PU and XPS foam sub-sectors determined during the project preparation process. Efforts were made to harmonize HCFC-compliant devices and parts used in the manufacturing phase with alternative foam blowing agents such as n-pentane and HFC-152a, dimethylether (DME), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol blend blowing agents, and to ensure safety equipment and certification.

The amount of ODSs used in the sector is approximately 4781.30 MT. With the project, 1,872 tons of HCFC 142/22 (159.1 ODP MT) were terminated by intervening in the part of the sector using ODS as 900 tons of HCFC-141b (99 ODP tons).

The project was conducted in Turkey. 

Demonstration Project (2019)

The project, "Demonstration and Pilot Activities for Encouraging Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Refrigerants in the Republic of Turkey", which was signed between United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Refrigeration Industry Businessmen Association (SOSİAD) and carried out within the framework of UNIDO's project protocol no. 120632, aims to raise awareness about the use of refrigerants with low KIP (global warming potential). In addition to performing energy measurement and analysis of the existing systems in five pilot plants, the refrigerant used was changed with environmentally friendly alternatives.

More information on https://unido.sosiad.org.tr/en

HPMP on-going Activities

  • Servicing sector: RRR enhancement (recovery/recycling/reclaim); activities done and pending; also emission reduction/good practice programme
  • Non-investment activities: Customs trainings and capacity building initiatives