Turkey National Ozone Unit
Turkey National Ozone Unit

National Ozone Unit Institutional Strengthening Project (IS)

The National Ozone Unit Institutional Strengthening Project (IS) started to be implemented in 1992 after our country became a party to the Montreal Protocol. Phase 1 of the project was implemented between 1992-2000 and has been renewed every 2 years until today.

The purpose of the IS project, whose implementing agency is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), is to support the strengthening of the administrative and technical capacity of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Department of Ozone Layer Protection and Fluorinated Gases Management, called the National Ozone Unit, for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and other relevant national and international legislation for the protection of the ozone layer. Activities are carried out as publications, workshops and educational activities under the headings of developing legislation, raising public awareness and informing, strengthening institutional technical infrastructure.

Ozone Panel, which is held once a year under the celebrations of September 16, World Ozone Layer Protection Day, where public institutions, non-governmental organizations and sector representatives are met with information about the current and the works and the ODS quotas of the next year are shared, is the basis of these activities. In addition, written and visual materials are printed in order to raise public awareness.

The budget source of the project is Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund (MLF).